Asus p8z68 utility menu and raid

This is the first time i am trying to use RAID at all.
I have 2 samsung 830 128Gb SSD's, and i want to run them in RAID0, and yse i am award of the risk.

Motherboard: asus p8z68-v pro
SSD's: samsung 830 128Gb

The problem:
The 2 drives appear in the bios boot menu, but do not appear under the sata configuration. When I enter the intel rapid storage technology utility menu i can't see the 2 SSD's, and can therefore not make a RAID0 drive :/
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  1. The 2 ssd's are connected to the sata 3 ports, :)
  2. Ahh it seems i connected them to the marvell controller insted of the intel controller, trying to switch them now..
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