Arctic ice on resistor


After removing my heatsink I have found that a little but of arctic ice 5 had spilled over the edge of the ION chip onto the surrounding surface mount components. Will this have any effect. It is very hard to try and clean and good chance the little parts may be damaged.

Is it conductive and will this impact on my chip?

Chip is the central one in this pic, showing surface mount compenents. The arctic ice has gone white now as exposed to the air and dried out, i think

Short of stripping the entire board, and buying articlean and sitting there with a cotton bud for an hour, dont want to do this unless it is required


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  1. And when I say surrounding components, I do not mean on the mobo, i mean on the ION chip itself. There is the central die then a couple of surface mount parts on the green chip
  2. doesnt matter. if its working fine just leave it like that. its designed for that to happen. as long there arent huge globs of it dont worry about it.
  3. It's is better to leave well enough alone. Let it stay rather than damage something.
  4. Yes everything works fine. Although now I have an issue. Thinking its not the GPU otherwise nothing would display properly

    Here goes. Been playing DarkSector..all runs great. But whenever I enter the game, all controls were set to default. Fine i jut change them every time. But now I cannot remap control keys without the game crashing. forward as being an up arrow...bang game crashes. What is going on. Just happened spontaneously....mid game. Now it crashes during gameplay etc but was fine before (and for a day since I realised issues with the artic ice)
  5. but if I run the game with default key mapping I can play it. Just hate the WASD rubbosh

    What is causing this. Even tried reinstall
  6. a day since you realized the issues. that doesnt mean anything :) but did you reapply the thermalpaste when you put the heatsink back on?
  7. Run in compatibility mode...problem solved!
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