Memory Management BSOD

Ok going to try to make a long story short here..

I bought an Asus M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard for my 1st ever build. I also bought a AMD Athlon II 635 Quad Core CPU for my processor.. those are both great..

Now for the problem.. this is my first ever build.. so I wasn't 100% sure about what type of memory to get.. the rep at CompUSA told me that any DDR3 would work fine.. so he sold me some Patriot 1600Mhz memory.

Come to find out.. this memory doesn't work with this board very well at all.. I am pretty sure that is why I have been getting the Memory Management BSOD from time to time..

Now time for my question for you guys.. First of all I need to get the computer I have built working right.. I was going to get some 1066Mhz Memory to hopefully stop my Memory Management problems.. After that I need to get a new motherboard to use the 8 gigs of 1600Mhz memory since it is more money than I am just willing to waste.. heh.

Do you guys think that replacing the memory with the 1066Mhz memory will fix my problem?? Also.. is there an AM-3 motherboard that you would suggest that will be able to handle the 1600Mhz memory that I currently have? I really do not want to overclock the memory or the motherboard because from what I understand that voids your warranty and makes your computer run too hot.

Any help would be appreciated.. thanks!
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  1. Are they at the mobo's default setting?, If so set them at the advertised specs manually from the BIOS, including voltage.

    Also try using the 2 slots farther from the CPU( the blue ones) as they have better results in stability historically on AM3 mobos.
  2. Yea I went round and round with the memory manufacturer and Asus and switched the settings to the memory manufacturer's specs to try to turn down the memory..

    It seemed to work for like a day and then I started crashing again. As far as the 2 slots you are talking about (the blue ones) those are the ones I am using.. at first I had all 4 filled and Asus told me to use the 2 and I wouldn't be able to run 8 gigs with that speed of memory.

    I just want to get the right kind of memory at this point and turn this computer into a Media Center.. I think for my gaming rig I am going to go with this motherboard to use with the 8g of RAM I already have.. Unless someone here has a better idea.
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    You should be able to run the 8gig at 1333 fully stable, Using only 2 slots it should be able to run at 1800+, or the motherboard's limit, most likely you just got a bad kit , Return it and get a different brand just in case.

    You can still use 8gb at 1600 if you bought 2x4gb instead of 4x2gb sticks, what matters is the population of the slots.

    2 sticks: up to 2133 if the motherboard supports it.

    3 or 4 sticks: you're stuck at 1333
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  5. Thanks for the info.. Does it look like to you that the Mobo I linked will work with the 1600Mhz memory I have? I already returned the Ram btw.. returned it twice to be honest.. lol

    I need a Media center computer anyway since I didn't want to buy a Blu Ray player.. So I Bought a Blu Ray Rom for my computer.. and am going to put it in my living room anyway.. Plus I will be able to stream Netflix and Hulu this way on my big screen anyway.. so it will be convenient.

    Gaming on my laptop atm tho until I get this figured out..
  6. The mobo you linked should work just fine, But I'd recommend getting a different kit from a different brand just in case.

    Tried updating the BIOS btw?, try that before buying another board, some updates fix incompatibility with certain kits and models.
  7. I was going to update the BIOS.. but it seemed like quite a task.. Maybe the next time I get some time I will get on the phone with ASUS and get them to walk me through it.

    I ran Memtest86 on each stick of RAM individually and it didn't show any errors.. so I don't think the RAM is the problem at all.. I think the main problem I ran into on this build was an over zealous salesman who didn't check all the specs of the pieces he sold me.

    At least in the future this is something I know to pay very close attention to!

    Thanks for all your help!
  8. You're welcome
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