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Hi All,

I have a daft question. I have a Dell inspiron 9200 with a 1.6 gig CPU, unfortunately it runs at 598 MHZ core speed. Go figure, it just happened one day. Updated the bios which reports 1.6 gig, re-installed XP and still runs at that speed.

So to my daft question. I have a Dell 8500 with a Intel Pentium 4 Mobile CPU 2.20 GHz.

Will that fit an inspiron 9200?

Thanks for your time dudes.

Chris :D
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  1. The problem is most likely speed step lowering the speed when the processor is idle
  2. dont worry. its not actually running that slowly. if the 598mhz reading comes from the computer properties then be aware thats not a reliable measuremtn....

    the pentium m 1.6ghz is better than a p4m 2.2ghz.

    and no theyre not interchangable.
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