Asus p8p67 evo mobo with coolermaster hyper 212 cooler

asus p8p67 evo mobo with sandybridge i5 2500k and coolermaster hyper 212 cooler. i can't seem to get the mobo and cooler to work together, ideas?
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  1. Because the Hyper 212+ was designed way before the release of any p67 motherboard, and each(intel) socket uses a different mounting system, the mounting plates provided cannot physically fit Socket 1155 mounting holes.

    Should have done your research before buying, maybe they release a conversion kit for 1155 sometime.
  2. I heard that the 1156 and 1155 mounting holes where the same?!?! Is it the mounting hardware that won't work?
  3. Did you read the manual well?, it was a pain in the A$$ to mount mine on a AM3 motherboard, took me a while.

    And yes confirmed that the mounting holes are the same.
  4. If the mounting holes are the same... What is the problem?
  5. You're probably doing something wrong. This could help:

    When you mount the heatsink on top of the cpu, there are 4 standoffs where the heatsink screws go in, you have to screw the first one partially just enough for it not to come loose, don't tighten it completely or you won't be able to fit the rest, just like in the video, then only when all 4 screws are partially in you can tighten them until they don't move anymore.
  6. Thanks for the post. Got it all setup. Now I'm having an impossible time with getting the beast to boot to even the BIOS, tried all bios recovery methods and no results, might have to rma this board.
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