Video card problems when entering fullscreen screen goes black freeze

I am having similar problems with my system.
1. CPU Intel E2140
2. Motherboard ASUS P5KC
3. 3 GB of RAM, Kensington, DDR2, 667
4. Graphics, ASUS Radeon 3850x2 (also used an alternative card ASUS Nvidia 7300GT)

The screen goes black when :
1. playing fullscreen games after a few minutes from start (sounds and everything keep working),
2. at startup, sometimes only for a few seconds and then it restores to normal sometimes it just remains black (with sounds and everything going ).
3. The screen went black also when I installed the updated videocard drivers as it tested the refreshed rates, but it recovered after 10-20 s.
4. I stress tested the system with the Radeon card using BurnInTest SW, with 100% load on CPU, RAM and 2D,3D graphics and the tests passed. However , when testing fullscreen, on the transition from full to normal , the screen went black for about 10s.

The system also randomly freezes while performing easier tasks such as playing music or browsing the Web, I cannot reproduce this problem since I can't figure out what is causing it.
I switched to a "weaker" video card, the NVidia 7300 GT and the same problem occured.
Drivers are the latest.
I replaced the PSU unit with a newer better protected one, 500W High Power with over 80% efficiency (I still suspect that it may somehow be underpowered) the problems are still present.
I am currently suspecting the motherboard to be at fault but don't know how to be certain.
This is really bugging me , if you could be of assistance I would be very grateful.

The Radeon graphics adapter is a big power drain . It normally uses a 6 pin and an 8 pin connector (12V) . I went around the problem by using 2 6 pin connectors and shorting the last 2 pins of the 8 pin socket on the card. This got the card to work without using the 12V supply I just can't overclock or use SLI . Anyway , do you think this might in some way have damaged the motherboard?
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  1. update:
    1. Reflashed the BIOS and it still doesn't work. If anything, it made the problem worst.
    I now have to restart in Safe Mode to get the damned video card and monitor to communicate properly.
    If I delete the drivers the system will boot in normal mode but only until it updates the drivers and the it's back to black screen at boot up.
  2. Update, hopefully final:
    I suspect my problems have actually been caused by 3 actors:
    1. Cooling problem causing the system freeze - I've opened the case and left it opened and installed a second fan directly on the VGA
    2. Monitor , the damned thing had to be reset, never would have thought of that if one test wouldn't have thrown it into a impossible resolution which forced me to disconnect it from the power net.
    3. Drivers - when entering some games the monitor goes dark, still now I can Alt + TAB it back to windows where it works fine. I did not do anything but avoid those games:) but still, knowing it's there , the problem is half solved, right :) ?

    These were my fixes and the PC has been running fine for the last week. Hope it helps anyone with my problem.
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