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Hello! I'm putting together a new Intel build. I'm a software engineer and will primarily use this box for development, graphics, light/moderate gaming, and as a media center (HDMI out to entertainment center). Here's what's in my Newegg list. Any thoughts? See any incompatibilities?

Antec mid case:
G.SKILL Ripjaws 4gb ddr3:
Intel i5-750:
evga GeForce 9800 GT HDMI:
Corsair 550w psu:

Note that I'd like to stick to Nvidia -- primarily use Linux, so ATI drivers are still an issue.

Thanks much for any input!
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  1. your system looks pretty good to me. i personally would opt for an antec 300 though as im not a fan of the antec 200, but thats just my preference. im not sure whats more important in graphics design (memory or SP's) but you can get an evga 512mb GTS250 for $5 more than that 9800GT. like i said though, i dunno if the extra 12SP's is worth the trade off in ram for your usage as that 9800gt will be more than adequate for some light gaming. just some gristle to chew on. also, what kind of drives are you going to be using?
  2. Looks fine, except the case looks like a little bit cramped to me. Suggest this instead:

    Plenty of room for parts install and future mods.
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