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I'm looking for a new monitor 24" or bigger. I'm going to use it mostly for autoCAD drawing and watching movies but occasionally I play COD ModernWarfare2 and Battlefield. My graphics card is a ATI Radeon HD4870. I'm currently using an Apple 20" cinema display, so something simelar or better in picture quality would be nice
I have been reading alot of reviews and forum treads, but I did't really get closer to an answer.
So far the Samsung F2380 looks like the best choice, but I'm not sure that it would be very good at gaming.
Anyone that could point me in the right direction?
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  1. Bro, do u live in US?
  2. No, I'm from Europe.
    Is my english really that bad?
  3. No i was asking because in US offers excellent value per money. Brother get either Dell or Samsung, i prefer Dell due to its durability "S2409W" is excellent 1080p ready LCD. It worths 216-217$ only on ebay, it provides all HD features.
  4. Dell ST2410 is better than S2409w
  5. I was going to say : Alienware OptXTM AW2310 3D monitor display with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution...but you have to have a US can use this screen for watching the upcoming 3d blue ray movies and playing 3d visin games but you also have to have the glasses and an nvidia card....bad luck !!!
  6. You want to upgrade and have an awesome gaming experience?

    For that much money, get the 3D vision package, comes with 120 hz monitor and glasses.
  7. At that budget you should definately step up for an IPS panel monitor over the more conventional TN panel ones.. Google it to know the difference between the two technologies.. In short, IPS panels offer better color accuracy and color reproduction then their TN counterparts..

    Since you are looking for a 24 in. model i'll suggest the following..
  8. Dell U2410 is in your budget?
  9. I'd recommend that monitor too! I thinking of upgrading that and I've been using Dell UltraSharp series for years thought it was still a TN-panel back then. It isn't sold at Newegg but I've seen it on sale for $100 at times at
  10. just buy a 37" tv you 1080P that's what I would do
  11. Monitors should be cheap right now. I would not spend $500 on a monitor. I think you can find good one for $200-$300 on either newegg or tigerdirect.

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    Do not suggest him a $200-300 monitor if he's using a 20" Apple Cinema display - he's using a nice S-IPS panel monitor and every 24" under $400 is a TN panel which look horrible. Check viewing angles - 160 degrees is a TN panel, 170 is also TN. 178 degrees is a PVA or IPS panel and both are good. IPS offers more colour accuracy but lower refresh. If you want a mix of gaming and colour accuracy I suggest S-PVA. I'm currently using a Samsung 244T, not a currently new available monitor but it's an S-PVA 24" and I love it. Colour is wonderfully accurate, no nasty washout, no stupid shiny screen to glare, great brightness. You can pick up a refurb unit for $400-500 on eBay I believe (This monitor was $1,000 new, but if you're lucky you can find one used - I bought mine for $300).

    However I'd look around - avoid Dell I've heard WAY too many people who had problems. I was going to buy a 2408wfp-hc but found WAY too many problems with their reliability and don't think it's worth the risk unless you find one super cheap. I recommend consulting this guide to determine what panels are in the monitor - trust me if you bought an Apple cinema display you won't be happy with a standard cheapo TN panel which is in all monitors under $400:

    You may also want to look here for some up close comparisons of monitors:
  13. he can get whole i5 system in 500$, lol
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