Problem with building a system. Bad board?

Hey guys, first time posting and I hope you can help me out.

So, I have my buddies rig ready to go but I am running into an issue. Everything is plugged in and ready to go, but when we power on the computer the lights and fans will turn on for about a second and then turn off. About 2-3 seconds later, the same cycle starts again where all the lights turn on and then go off again. I've tried 3 different powersupplies so I am not sure what else it can be. I've even taken out the GPU to go to as little power as possible. It's only an i3 so I know it isn't a power hungry processor. What could it be? My only goal is to just get the damn motherboard to get sufficient power to stay on which isn't happening.

I've tried resetting the cmos, booting with only 1 ram stick, and even taking the mobo out of the case in case anything was being shorted. Here is a video of what is happening:

My only either guess, besides a DoA board, is the case is kind of old and beat up and possibly the leads from the power switch are faulty. Is that possible?

Board is a gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H.

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  1. Sounds like a system short is causing the restarting issue. You might remove the MB from the case and test it outside the case. be sure to use the brass risers when installing the MB int the case.
  2. Ya, I tried booting it outside of the case and I got the same issue. I was still using the powerswitch leads from the case but I booted it outside of the case on top of the mobo box.
  3. Boot using only 1 DIMM RAM, video card. Unplug everything else. Unplug the hard drive, all case fans, PCI cards (sound, etc.).

    If that doesn't work, be sure a working speaker is connected to the Front Panel speaker header. Remove all the RAM an boot the system. If BIOS fails to sound beeps indicating there is no RAM in the system, the CPU or MB or both are bad.
  4. is there anyway to know if it's the board or the cpu when doing that?
  5. Well, if you have a spare known to work CPU, that's it.
  6. Dang. Well, thanks for the help. I tried what you said and I am getting no feedback from the speakers. I unfortunately don't have another processor that can fit into this socket. I have warranty on the board so I might as well RMA that. I really hope it's not the processor. From what anecdotal evidence I can gather, it's far more common to get a DoA board.
  7. A bad BIOS flash will cause the board to fail. Perhaps reinstall the CPU making sure the pins are aligned correctly and be sure no thermal paste is touching the pins. Starting and restarting like you describe sounds like a short causing it.
  8. Also, when resettting the CMOS jumper, unplug the system from the wal, remove the CMOS battery and reset the jumper.
  9. Ok, i'll have to try that when I get back from work. The pins with thermal paste sounds like an interesting thing to investigate. From what you can tell, it doesn't seem like anything is dead right? It's bugging me because nothing seems to be dead and it really does seem to be a short but I just can't figure out from where. Is there any way it is the case being kind of beat up and the power leads being funky?
  10. The MB should not be touching the case. Brass riser MB mounting inserts will prevent the MB from shorting out to the case. I just went through a month long 'short' problem. Turned out to be a 6 year old wire attached to the DVR PCI card that was shorted. Unpluged and eventually replaced the wire and no more system restarting. Took me a month to find that shorted wire.
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