Pny geforce 6200 128mb agp vs ati radeon xpress 200 256mb

Hello,What's better?
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  1. both are utter garbage. And plus, whats your system's specs? PSU, mobo, CPU, ect...

    I would suggest getting an AGP variant 4670 if gaming is your usage. If still available, the 3850 AGP is still a hellova performer for such an old slot.

    More info, and ill be glad to point you in the right direction ;)
  2. 300 watt psu,amd anthlon 64 3800+,ASUStek Amberline M with ati Xpress 200 chipset.
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    The 6200 card is better since it frees up system ram and therefor will work a little faster with its dedicated on-board ram. It is not considered a gaming card though.
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