My sons computer turns off while playing fate ...

vista home premium 32 bit
amd 64 x 2 5000+ athlon
4 gig ram ddr2 602.8
sparkle 9400 gtpci express 512kb (passive cooling, wich i recently added a cooling fan))
15" old school monitor
and a 90 mm case cooling fan
450 watt thermaltake power supply

cpu coolercoolmaster hyper212 [...] &CatId=493 (added recently)

it is/was an hp pav. a6113w + more ram x-tra fan and a diffrent case and a PCI e vid card
he uses it for educational games and a movie of of netflicks/hulu

temps etc from "SIW"

I just gave it to him a couple of weeks ago

temps: idle
gpu 67c (after adding fan temp 32 idle and 40c tops)
cpu core 0 49-69c (same under load
core 1 42-62 (recently learned under load 80+c)
just "blew out" inside completely heatsinks etc
system has been together and runnig for a while(1.5-2 yrs) onboard gpu got cooked playing games that i should not have played on it it has a new cardworked fine for 6 mos +
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  1. It was getting hot but only hitting 70 on load which surprised me but i put an old cpu fan on it 100% all the time tops out at 40c now

    cpu 0 is going over 84c and core 1 is only mid 60s

    is cpu over heating I put a coolmaster hyper 212
    and still same temp before crash!

    he just got the darn thing 4 his b day and now it will not even idle for 15 min before it turns off
    think cpu could be bad
  2. sorry, yes not original psu, upgraded when i bought vid card
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    One core shouldn't be a vastly different temperature than the other. If you put on the 212 correctly it should also be way cooler than before.

    You could call AMD and see what they say/ if they'll give you a replacement.
  4. yes it is on right, a litle after market enginering (i miss spell checker)
    I was wondering if it was ok for temps to be that far off,

    ( I am new to the computer thing - i have a phenom ii 550 that has never been attempted to unlock other 2 cores, and have never overclocked... yet at least )

    I will contact amd about possible defective core... if needs replaced (it is a 5000+) would a 5200+ work without issues? I doubt they will warrenty it, computeris not in same case anymore, so figure im stuck with cost so might as well upgrade if possible

    by the way thanks people, this site/members rock
  5. Oh, it was store bought? Then yeah I had a hard drive fail in my laptop found that hitachi has a 3 year warranty. They transferred the care stuff to the computer company which only had a 1 year warranty so I wasn't gonna get a hard drive RMA style. Had to buy one. This may be a similar situation.

    Anything that is a xxxx+ x2 should work. Up to 6000+ x2 anyway. Just make sure that it says AM2 socket. It may or may not take AM2+ socket CPUs - that just depends. You could find out by looking at their support page, HP is pretty good about telling you what you can do to it.

    Unfortunately it sounds like you have no way to find out if that's your problem other than buying one and testing.
  6. ... I already asked that...
  7. ... I checked the cpu cooler quite a few times, i only fitting im asked more than 1x )

    that was my LAST store bought computer chip not warrentied, probably gonna use 5200+ not really an upgrade but (crissing my fingers) it will fix it...

    now to go to O C forum for my computer
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