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Hi, I use to be able to play Modern Warfare 2 without any issues a long time ago. I had to uninstall it because I got bored of that game, and I re-installed it yesterday. For some reason I get lag spikes every now and then. Not teleportation lag, but FPS lags/stuttering. My fraps window tells me I am running it at 80-90FPS. When I get the lag spike fraps will drop down to 60FPS. This only happens in big maps, when I am in close range combat, or when I am nearby an enemy. I'm running on a 2.91Ghz Dual Core, 4GB RAM (+42.GB Readyboost), and an HD4870 512mb at 1920x1080 max settings. I can run very low resolutions fine, but my friends can run max settings (1680x1050/1920x1080) fine and their system specs are lower than mine. Why is it that I lag more than them when my system specs are better?
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  1. Try turning on Vsync. Also make sure drivers, games,etc are up to date.
  2. Could be a clock-rate issue. I hadn't played MW2 for quite a while until a couple days ago and I noticed the same effect. My screen would kinda "jitter" occasionally. But, I had also been testing a lot of various overclocking settings, including unlocking my 720 BE's 4th core. I decided to stick with 4 cores, but go with a known, 12-hour Prime95 stable clock of 17 x 200 @ 1.375v. The problem disappeared.

    Check your CPU and GPU clock rates. See if reducing them just slightly gets rid of it.
  3. Saying you're lagging at 60FPS?
    Wow, new one to me.

    But yes, make sure vertical sync is on (go into CCC and make sure it's forced on if you must).
    Are you running a 60Hz or 120Hz monitor?
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