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Ok, So I recently got a new build put together, I don't suspect the other specs will matter so i'll skip that part.

I have a SSD (OCz 50GB) that I use to boot windows and one of my games, And I have a Samsung F3 500GB. Now when I go into my BIOS it detects both drives (both SATA) and when I go into my "device" manager in windows it shows both drives. But when I go to "my Computer" it only shows the SSD. I would like to be able to use the 500GB for storage. but not sure how to set it up.

If someone could explain how to do this, or possibly why I don't see it in "My Computer" that'd be great.

Running Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Go into device manager and select disk management, see if there is a partition on the F3, they dont come partitioned so you will need to create one before windows will recognize it as a usable drive.
  2. do i need to do that through my bios? (adding a partition0
  3. Nope, you do it through disk manager in windows.
  4. If it's a new HDD you need to format it first.

    Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management

    Right click on that HDD and quick format it NTFS.
  5. mosox is right! And, after formatting the new HDD, you can change the drive letter to something different if you chose to. For instance, my DVD drives are "M" and "N" and external storage HDD is "Z" (makes no difference to the operation what these letters are)
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