SSD Drive FIX After Diskpart/Clean

Ran diskpart from cmd prompt to clean ssd. now having trouble getting it to work. ssd is attach to computer via usb adaptor (basically a external ssd). i want to prep it for windows 7. what do i do next?

on windows vista
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  1. If you have no important data on the SSD then just Secure Erase it to restore it to fresh-out-of-the-box condition.

    If you have data you need to recover then hopefully other members on this Forum will be able to help you.
  2. i would secure erase.....but it doesnt show up any where except when you run win recovery cd to format (failed to format) or running windows management. This is what im doing now....I running control panel>administrative tools>computer management/storage/disk managment and is able to detect the ssd as disk#3 119.24gb.

    First i had to shrink the partition to 1122099 leaving 3 mb left for it to show up as a disk drive "z:"
    Then i am formating it as ntfs/default allocation.
    Now its taking aproximatley 45min per % completion. I am at 9%.

    Its taking way too long.
  3. i think windows "diskpart" 'clean' function had removed the mbr/all data/ and everything else. Most programs dont detect it as a drive (example"c:" with size). It only shows up as disk # and takes aprox 5 min to detect.
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    You should NEVER fully format a SSD, only Quick format.

    Go to your SSD manufacturer's website and see if they have a Toolbox which will allow you to secure erase the SSD.
  5. It was a samsung 830 series 128gb. It came with samsung ssd magician but it doesnt detect the ssd drive, only my stock c: drive
  6. Do you have an extra bay to connect your SSD? Magician probably has problems detecting it since it is an external drive.
  7. Nope. My computer only has 1 bay. The ssd kit came with a usb cord(similar to a dock) which is attach to the ssd via sata interface.
  8. I did some research and you cannot Secure Erase a SSD that is connected by USB.

    Instead of going through diskpart or Windows Disk Management go to Windows Explorer.

    Right-click on the drive letter of your SSD and select "Format...".
    Select NTFS as your file system and select the default Allocation Unit Size.
    Click "Quick Format", and then Start.
  9. Now its not showing up at all. Nothing detects the drive. I just hear the usb connect sound. Going to try restart.
  10. After restarting it shows up.
    Formating resulted in "windows failed to format", although deselecting quick format and it started to show some progress.
  11. Solved. I placed the SSD into HDD bay and Loaded Hiren's Boot CD through usb.
    After that I was able to complete quick format, bringing it back to normal status.

    I also beleive the usb>sata cable was malfunctioning. Tried another sata HDD and it did not load up. Never going back to that cable.

    Thanks for the help.
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