Computer powers on, no beeps,no video

So i finally got my rma'd motherboard back from ASUS and here we go again? Anyhow, i built it on a piece of cardboard and it seemed to be fine (note i didn't test video). I just connected the basics. First thing i did notice that was odd, was the after jumping the mb to start on the cardboard. The fans would shut off/computer would shut off But, the fans would respin for a split second. I thought nothing of it, and proceeded to build on the inside of the case.

So i hook up everything, push power and the thing starts up, but no beeps and no video. All fans are running, optical drives open/close Video card fan spins fine. I've tried connecting the video to the MB and video card, no video on either. I am not sure what is wrong? 550watter from fatality... I've tried with no ram,1 ram and both ram.Still same thing. What to try or do next? What's going on?

This is the first and last time, i switch cases because i'm feeling board. A perfectly working Gaming pc now with all these issues just because i moved from 1 case to another.

I have the 8 pin connected to motherboard, as well as the big power plugs (yes even the 4 that go along the side of it) I have the CPU fan plugged into "CPU_FAN1" i couldn't remember if i did that or cha_1 but just went with cpu_fan1.

I'm so frustrated and i've wasted now many hours on something that should be so simple. *SIGH*

I have gksill ram f3-12800cl9d-4gbrl

Which is ddr3-1600 pc3-12800 2gbx2 ram

I forget these go in the blue slots or the black slots? I swore it was 1 and 3, nonetheless it doesn't matter since it won't even beep at me with no ram in it..


*** pulled battery , no change ***

Should i run to a computer store and buy a psu to test with and just return it , if i find that to be the problem?
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  1. I can see an rma'd board here, so there is more than a case switch, and it is Hard to tell without the full story and system specs as well. It could be the board, or the CPU or the PSU, could be a wrong connector or a missing one.
  2. Everything else appears fine, i'v e done some googling, it seems a lot of times it has to do with the power supply. Nonetheless, tomorrow i'll go to compusa or best buy and pick up a 500ish psu (my current is 550) and test it out, if it's the psu, i'll just RMA the power supply.
  3. Did you tested the RAM?
  4. what is the model of your mobo???
  5. p7 h55 -m pro Asus board

    and i don't think it's the ram, i mean, it does the same thing with no ram in it.
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