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So i have a socket 775 mobo - MB MSI P45 NEO3-FR 775 RT - to be exact. The problem i'm having is what my topic says. Keyboard/interface error when i boot. If i have my keyboard plugged in while i boot, i cant get past the error because the keyboard wont respond. Neither the USB or ps2(i think its called) port works in this scenario. However, if i boot the comp without the keyboard plugged in and follow up by plugged in the keyboard in after, the keyboard works perfectly. I dont want to keep having to disconnect the keyboard everytime i boot though.

Anyone know what to do? I already tried flashing the mobo/cmos and all the updates but nothing ive done works. Could the mobo just have gone bad? Kinda annoying to have to keep unplugged the KB just to restart the computer and keeping it on 24/7 isnt something i wanna do because i'm giving it to my uncle because i just build a new SB comp. HALP! =0
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  1. So I have the same problem. I am working on a solution as we speak. Just wanted to know if you ever found the answer...
  2. nope =( i have to unplug my usb before i boot, then in windows plug it back in and it all works fine
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