DDR2 1066 and GA-M61PME-S2P

First, I'd like to say, that the pie is great over here.

And now, a question:

Will this - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148249

run as 1066

In this - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128383&cm_re=ga-m61pme-s2p-_-13-128-383-_-Product

From what I've read, 1066' voltage normally runs above industry standard (1.8) - That standard applies to my motherboard, and this particular RAM is labeled as 1.8v

So, what do ya'll think?

I intend on upgrading to Windows 7 with this purchase as well -- And I'm just gonna start fresh, wipe my BIOS settings back to their defaults, and go for a nice clean install of this new(ish) spandangled Windows.

So far, this Gigabyte board has been a beast, but I'm having some issues as I start upgrading to newer components; mainly my GTX460, which has fist fights with my onboard GPU...
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  1. I suddenly realized I forgot to post my CPU:

    Athlon 7850 BE (AM2+)

    AM2+ is supported with 1066, so I should be good on that end.
  2. I think everything will work together. I would update the BIOS to the highest available though. You need at least F2 for that cpu to be compatible, I believe. This is with the Rev 1.0 board.
  3. That board is rated for that memory speed.
    Volts for mem are spec'd at 1.8v., GB mobo might set that lower, just increase it in the bios.
  4. jockey said:
    That board is rated for that memory speed.
    Volts for mem are spec'd at 1.8v., GB mobo might set that lower, just increase it in the bios.

    Yeah, I'll be getting the mem in another week or so.

    Right now though, and I probably should create another thread for this.

    But upon updating my MB BIOS, my GTX460 now just blank screens me on power up.

    So... I think, (I'm at work right now), when I get home, I'm gonna boot up in safe mode without my vid card in, then delete all my old vid drivers, and then put the card back in and start fresh.

    My version of Windows certainly is not helping, but the GTX460 blank screened me before, but after a power cycle it would boot up...

    Argh... I'm so used to my crappy used components, and not newer bits.
  5. Well, since the GTX still is having issues with my motherboard, and now the previous vid card has the same problem:

    My motherboard can't decide whether to use the on-board or not. I have no options in the BIOS to disable the on-board entirely.

    When I boot up, it usually goes with the on-board. So once it boots up, I generally just reset it. Then see what happens. If the screen is blank when the VGA is plugged into the motherboard, I plug the VGA into the vid card -- And if the VGA in the vid card shows a blank screen I plug it into the motherboard. This problem also happens whenever the computer goes into HIBERNATION mode.

    So far, when my computer boots with the GTX, it works beautifully.

    I'm pretty sure my PCIe x16 slot is damaged in some way. It doesn't detect my GTX properly, nor does it detect my old 8600. Unless I reset it a few times (I don't need to power cycle, just reset and see if the onboard is on or the vid card).
  6. Sorry for the delay.

    I actually never bought that 1066.

    I'm currently using... XMS2 2x1g

    I'm still having the wacky issue with motherboard not immediately recognizing my PCIE, but I'm just working around that right now.

    Could RAM be messing with my GPU?
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