Crossfire 5850 question

amd phenom II x4 955 at 4.0ghz
asus m4a79xtd
4gb ddr3 1600
bfg 550w psu
hd 5850 1gb

I am going to get another 5850 for my setup and what i noticed is that in crossfire mode my mobo only runs at dual 8x mode. Will decrease performance?
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  1. Yor psu is arguably too weak for xfire...and your going to bottleneck it with the dual 8x mode. Its time for an upgrade
  2. A little bit. but not by much maybe like 1-2%, only the top of the line cards like a 5870 could saturate the x8 link and need the x16.
  3. i know that my psu is weak, i was just asking about the 8x link. I already orderd my pc power and cooling 860w psu. And another question. Isnt the 5850 a top of the line card?
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    Yes, but not enough to saturate a PCI-e 2 x8 link. I own an old mobo and its PCI-e 1.1 x16 is like a PCI-e 2 x8 link, I was asking about viable upgrades and a veteran told me I shouldn't go above 5850.
  5. alright thanks. @ jamesyboy. I really dont think its time for an upgrade so i have no clue what your talking about.
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