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I have E8500 which after bootup is at around 60C and when I run games etc. it is at 90C. A couple of times my CPU has shutdown, I believe because of overheating. I have used a variety of utilities (speedfan, real temp, bios) to check the temperature and they all say the same. I cleaned the insides of my desktop and still the temperature remains high. All my CPU and chasis fans are working. I have this desktop for about 1.5 years and it is only now I am noticing this problem. I was wondering if it is because of me using the stock heatsink and fan that came with intel. My motherboard is pretty hot at 50 C too. Please give me some recommendations
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  1. It sounds like you have bad airflow in your case. Applying new thermal paste would solve the first problem with the CPU heat and make sure that the heatsink is clean underneath the fan. An aftermarket cooler will help as well.
  2. The stock coolers aren't that good and will give high temps, but not nearly that high. If your heatsink is clean and its fan is working, then it sounds like you have a problem with the heatsink compound underneath the heat sink, or possibly the heat sink is not seated properly. Take off the heatsink, clean off the old compound with something like rubbing alcohol, put on new compound and reinstall the heat sink. Make sure the pins seat at all 4 corners.
  3. > I was wondering if it is because of me using the stock heatsink and fan that came with intel.

  4. Try re-apply the thermal paste , even with the stock cooler , you shouldn't get those temps.
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    As the others have said above, remove your current heatsink and fan unit and clean any dust out completely. A can of compressed air is often useful for this. You'll also need to remove any left over from the old application of thermal paste from both the heatsink and the CPU heatspreader. Isopropyl alcohol and cotton wool buds will take this job a lot easier. The higher concentrate alcohol the better. You'll then need to apply a new layer of thermal paste. There are a million guides to doing this on the net - Google your even YouTube are your friends. I often find the 'blob in the middle' method works best if you're unsure or have not done this before.

    You'll also need to ensure that you have efficient airflow through your case since your components can never be cooler than the air that surrounds them. Clean all of your system fans and remove any dust you can see.

    Is your CPU at stock speed or have you overclocked? If it's at stock then you shouldn't really need an aftermarket cooler unless you live in a particularly hot place and can't get your temps down at all.

    I have covered all of the above points and more in my guide on Overheating Issues and Maintaining A Cool System. The link to this guide is in my sig below, although you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page since the Hotfile link is dead. Have a quick read through and it may just help bring your temps back down to within normal values. Hope this helps and good luck!
  6. There's no way bad airflow in his case would actually get his e8500 working at 60C on startup. the only thing I can think of is bad seated heatsink. Check if its mounted propely and even if you think it is, take it of and put it back. If that wont help, check at what voltage your cpu is working. Also, keep your chasis open. If those things won't help you, I can't believe that your hsf is faulty. I would rather say that your 1.5 yr cpu is on it's way down and takes incredible amount of power which happens to cpus. Good luck.
  7. I agree with Szymek, its got to be the heatsink. Only time I've ever had a PC at that temp on start up is when the heatsink loosened on transit.
  8. Thanks a lot all of you. I did try removing the heatsink. removing all the thermal paste and putting back the heatsink. That didn't help. I am leaning towards the fact that the heatsink may not have been inserted properly as shown in the page I will try inserting the heatsink again. However, I am worried that applying too much pressure might crack the mother board. Also my GPU ATI Radeon HD4870X2 is running very hot. Don't know the exact temperatures but it seems to be very hot to touch. Much hotter than my CPU. Don't know if that is affecting the temperature.
  9. That link doesn't work mate :)

    You can check Ati overdrive for the GPU's temperature. I guess it's typically hot to the touch - whether it's 60c or 90c, it's going to feel hot. You can take your card out of its slot, open it up and reapply paste and/or check for concentrations of dust.
    Also, as for applying pressure to the motherboard... In my opinion, if you're unsure about what you're doing, it's better not to do it.
  10. I installed Cooler Master 212 Hyper plus and threw away the stock intel cooler. My CPU temperature fell to 25 C. However, my mother board temperature is still 52C even with the case open. It might be because of the radeon HD 4870x2 running very close to the south bridge. I am a bit disappointed with the cooler master the thing is humongous. The cooler master 212 was so huge that I had to remove a 250 mm fan from XCLIO A380 case in order to close the case. The case wouldn't close because of the copper welds at the end of the heat pipes. I wish they had shown the sense to file it away.
  11. ohh yea at startup cpu temp=89c i let it set for 1 min i timed it 96c lol i do live in hot area but holy crap... i need new heat paste and fan
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