Can't adjust cpu ratio in windows on P67A-GD55

Hi guys, I'm trying to overclock my new 2500k on MSI p67a-GD55. I am supposed to be able to adjust the cpu multiplier ratio while in windows using msi control center 2, but when i apply the changes to multiplier it does not change it. It wont go up down or anywhere. I can adjust it in the bios but not in windows. I have updated bios from 1.4 to 1.74, and 1.74beta, updated control center 2 to latest from msi website. I am able to make other adjustments in windows via control center 2- like cpu vcore, but the clock ratio will not apply any change after I select it. I have enabled the option in my bios that says enable cpu core ratio adjustments via windows. Can someone please give me an idea here as to whats wrong? This is really frustrating. Thank you,

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  1. Nothing wrong. The settings are saved in windows only and temporary. Try using the multiplier setting in the bios and skip the msi program. For ram, my msi has memory multipliers of 3, 4, or 5. I use 5 for 1600 ram and 160 for the cpu fsb.
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