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Building new system need info

Last response: in Systems
May 2, 2010 9:37:20 PM

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: less than a month. All ready got parts coming.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I have a 640 gig wd black,750 watt xfx black power supply, inwin server case, 20 inch screen and logitech g5 muse and g11 keyboard,4 gig kit of drr3-1600 from gskill.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: NEWEGG First. open to others but i haev only used newegg for years.

PARTS PREFERENCES: This is going ot be my amd system i allready have a i7-930 setup. xfx asus gigabyte asrock bfg tech evga. those are the brands i like.
OVERCLOCKING: always. I would like to do crossfire or sli depending what card i go with. I would love to get a 480 and sli it but im not sure if there coming out with a up to date sli board.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050 but bigger is always better
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Ok This is what im here for. Im going ot get hte new 6 core black for this comptuer and would like ot know witch board is better and why crosshair or gigabyte 5 or 7 of the 890fx. The part i like about the crosshair is the unlock and overclock hardware and software. i know asus and what im going to get. Gigabyte i like the colors and the name behind the board. i don't really know much about gigabyte and what makes them great or better than asus. I have always used nvidia video cards since they came out. I remeber using the tnt cards. But i want to run 2 cards of whatever i get. Is there going to be a new sli board coming out with usb3 and sata6 or is it a better idea to try ati and do 2 5870 crossfire?

thanks for any help any one can be.

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May 3, 2010 1:52:35 AM

The games i play are starcraft 2, wow, diablo when it comes out. Is there any thing i should do another way or am i that spot on? sorry for the miss spelling.
May 3, 2010 7:08:01 AM

^ Both Gigabyte and ASUS are equally good...So going with either brand is not an issue...
As for the model, stick with the 5 and not 7 as the 7 is more of an enthusiast board...I highly doubt any regular mainstream user would need the added features of the 7...

As for the graphics card, AFAIK the AMD boards only support Crossfire so you would have to get the ATI cards...And for the games that you want to play, I dont think you would need 2 HD 5870s unless you are planning to run the game in 3 or more screens...A single HD 5870 would max out those games @1080p...

But I would have to say that the 6 core CPUs dont offer better gaming performance than the i7 930 though...
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May 3, 2010 7:45:57 AM

Im a amd fan to the core and always have a amd system. The core 930 is my first intel system ever. I like to help amd out. So is there no plans in the works for a new sli board release with the new toys like usb3 or sata 6? If so Im going to order the asus crosshair. What is the dif from 5 and 7 gigabyte model? 890fx chip in all boards. thanks again
May 3, 2010 8:43:21 AM

^ Well even I like the AMD CPUs...It is just that I wanted that you should know...

And as for the SLI, you do get Nvidia chipsets for AMD CPUs too but not with SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0, that support SLI(No Crossfire there) but the chipsets are not the better performing ones...So it is always better to stick with AMD chipsets for AMD boards...

As for the UD7 and UD5, few differences I know are that the UD7 has 6 PCIe slots for graphics whereas the UD5 has 4...The UD7 has a hybrid heatpipe on the chipset, that is used to cool the chipsets during intense overclocking sessions...
but dont have much effect for a normal overclock though...

and again I think it is the same wiht the ASUS Crosshair...IMO you will be paying extra price premium for the Crosshair name too...
May 4, 2010 6:22:34 AM

So the setup im going with is crosshair iv with 5870 and pick up another 5870 in 3 months. picking up the x6 black because i want a toy to push. Plus i need something to give my i7-930 a run for its money... Does any one know how long tell crosshair iv extreme comes out? thanks again