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Plz help on 3tb fat32 format

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June 14, 2012 5:59:43 PM

:)  hi everyone I have Hitachi 3TB 3000XL formated in NTFS plz somebody plz explain me how to format into fat32 (single partition)
here are some things I did about it but all failed:
I have tried windows managment (on format type selection, fat32 isn`t available as an option only ntfs).
I tried to switch from GPT to MBR ,and it splitted by it self, into 2 sectors,one 2 tb and one 750gb(unallowcated) and when I came to format type selection, fat32 wasn`t available as an option ...only ntfs and x-FAT...
I tried with easeus partition ,but the disc shows up in the list as ''unsupported''......
I tried with acronis disc director,it wouldn`t even show up in the disc list.
I tried with guiformat.exe,all of my hd discs were selectable ,all except the desired one, was missing as an option.
I tried with commands using run/cmd,and it stucked in 0% (left it hanging for 40 min).
I tried with an HP format tool,and it was the only program that saw the disc,had fat32 as an option but failed instantly on the format proccess giving me the message ''the media device is write-protected''?!
already I `ve sent a ''help me'' email to hitachi support but I `m not expecting much from them :pfff:  .....

thx for reading ,I am looking forward for your help/suggestion/advise

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June 14, 2012 6:49:30 PM

just managed after powercycle thye drive and rebooting pc to locate the drive via guiformat but the minimum block size allowed to use is 32768....this leads in reducing the hds capacity from 3tb to 750gb.....I gues It`s a lack ofhardware potential or am I wrong?