Motherboard dead?

So I have a ASUS p5q se (socket 775) motherboard and have been getting a lot of BSOD lately. I checked intelstresstest and the CPU passes...I checked the memory using memtest86 and in dual channel with 2x2gb of ram and the memory has 101 errors in a single pass. I pulled out one DIMM and re-ran memtest and it passed 4 passes without error. I put that chip back and the other chip passes. So individually the ram passes, but in slots 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 they fail. I was thinking the motherboard was failing. Memory controller? Opinions?

CPU : intel QX6850
Motherboard : ASUS P5Q SE
RAM : Kingston ddr2 800MHz 2x2GB
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  1. Can you do the same test in the RAM in another mob? If you RAM pass without errors, the problem is the mobo.
  2. Are your memory options in the bios set properly?
    If you've changed your settings to match the mem mods, you could have instability.
    On the other hand, you may need to change bios settings manually to match your mem specs.
    Also, check mem singly in each dimm slot. I always suspect error other than mobo when dealing with a quality name brand.
    Happy hunting.
  3. I set the mem up in bios to match the specs of the ram. 800MHz at 2.0v. I tried 667MHz and a dozen different timings and speeds with different voltages. I don't have another computer that I can try it on (my main computer runs on ddr3, not ddr2) when I originally got the errors, I was going to just replace the ram. But when I tried each chip individually and they passed (and on different sockets) just so long as I don't run both sets. I do have the NB voltage set to "auto"... Should I up that voltage?
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    I would try individual mem chips in each slot first, then yea, up it if you get bad results.
    Just a little at a try.
  5. I upper the FSB and NB voltages an it worked. Don't know why "auto" was so bad for the motherboard
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