Fortemanager messed up my graphics...


my setup:

Windows 7 x64
ATI Radeon 5770
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE overclocked to 3.6
Mushkin BlackLine x 6gigs
OCZ 750w PSU

i attempted to install this little program for my monitor:

and it completely effed my poop royally. all of a sudden, my ATI driver is null and void. it says "No ATI graphics driver is installed, or the ATI driver is not functioning." my screen resolution went to 800x600 and my poop is jacked. i am able to change my resolution to 1400x1050 at the most by right-clicking on desktop and going to "screen resolution" but my monitors native res is 1680x1050 so not only is my ATI 5770 not recognizing itself, the monitor (LG W2286L) is not working properly either. when i try to start ATI CCC, nothing happens. finally, the "monitor" category in my driver manager is completely gone and the "display driver" in the driver manager shows my ATI 5770 but it has the little yellow error icon next to it indicating there is a problem.

i tried resinstalling ATI driver and CCC but doesn't work. tried updated monitor drivers by going to the control panel and then "displays" but i do not have the option to install new driver...everything is greyed out.

any ideas on what went wrong and how to fix short of format/reinstall my whole comp?
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  1. Try system restore from a date prior to your misinstallation.
  2. i'll try this and let you know. good idea. i thought about this but not sure if it works if you don't ever do a "backup" of any kind. thanks!
  3. did a restore. seems to be working OK, but not perfect. driver issues are fixed but somethings still off on my display. looks like the refresh rate is off or something. the fonts just look thin and harder to read, etc. my res is 1680x1050 @ 60Ghz according to ATI CCC and the "screen resolution" section when i right-click my desktop...but it's definitely not as it was prior to this issue. least i can play Bad Company 2 right now. :pt1cable:
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