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is pci express 2.1 backwards compatible with pci express 2.0? meaning if i buy a graphics card with pci expressx16 2.1 will it work in my board with pci express x16 2.0
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  1. Yes it will it is just a new upgrade to the std that is fully backwards compatible.
  2. thanks for the fast answer.
    i recently bought a new main board with a 760g northbridge for an htpc and experiencing flickering via the hdmi port while streaming videos online. the resolution is 1920x1080. im thinking about buying a radeon 5450. does anyone know if this will work for htpc use nothing else?
  3. It would be its primary purpose, it should work fine. Here is a test http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5450,2549.html
  4. thanks
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