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Recently while booting I heard a series of beeps. I counted them and there were five. I checked the beep codes for this Gateway machine which indicated "Bad processor".
I got a new processor and using Arctic Silver, I installed the new processor (AMD). I restarted and absolutely nothing! No beeps no video, the monitor just turned off. (Processor can only go in one way). Next thought, Mobo... I found a new motherboard the same model and transferred everything over, still nothing. I had an old 600w (Not so old) power supply laying around thinking it could be that, but no!
I removed the CMOS battery, nothing, I took out all the components trying to just get a post of some kind, nothing, different monitor, nothing.
I'm going nuts here there is'nt any other thing in common that I can think of.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Could be the power supply or a bad ram stick. I suggest you try one stick at a time. And a better power supply than Gateway's brand is a good investment to use as a spare or for testing purposes. I never rely on one ps only. Finally, are you sure your ram speed is supported by the newer board?
  2. Thanks,
    I tested it with the RAM removed because I wanted to eliminate any RAM issues in hopes of seeing even an abbreviated post. I replaced the PSU with one I had on hand, a 400w Antec without success.
    Fans in the box spin and it seems like (Not sure) there's some drive activity.
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