GTS 250 1G DDR3 vs HD 5750 1GB DDR5

I've got a nvidia 780i mobo, e6550 CPU and and sputtering 8800GT (it's starting to blink out with a pink screen of death more and more regularly). No heat issues, liquid cooling, several fans, and a big case for my fat fingers.

I can't break $200 on a new video card. I'd like to keep it under or around $150, but am willing to give a little to get a little.

I will only ever use one monitor (space issues).
I do not foresee ever needing HDMI, unless I missed a big push to make all monitors HDMI compliant or something.

So I only need the card to:
Drive a single monitor.
Drive the monitor via D-Sub or maybe a DVI.
Drive it as fast as possible for the buck.

I tend to play MMORPGS or Dawn of War type games and I like to run the rez up till my rig screams for mercy (and I've been happy with the 8800GT...till now).

The GTS 250 1G DDR3 Core meets my spec and I have been an nvidia person for years (and I love the Zalman Fan Edition).

But the HD 5750 and it's sisters look like bargains (the bus speed seems slow, but the overall effective clocking speed looks outstanding). And they look like terrific bang for the buck on the speed tests I've seen.

Any suggestions?
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  1. For about $150 the best you can get is HD5770. The GTS250 is getting long on the tooth but is still a good DX10 card.
  2. Many thanks. I researched and researched.
    Got a good buy on an nvidia GTS 250. The price finally moved off the 155 mark with a rebate.
    I know it's just a refined version of some older tech, but it's very speedy (let's face it I'm replacing an 8800GT) is amazingly stable, runs very cool. The 2200 MgHz clock is plenty fast for me. Cost $135 w free shipping and a free game. I'm happy.
    Thanks for the info on this site and the reply to my post.
  3. What OS are you using? If you're using XP, you should take the GTS 250.. Because 5750 use DX11, and DX11 can't run on XP.

    Edit: Nvm. You already bought it ^^ I just bought a Gainward GTS 250 1Gb too :)
  4. 5750 is a better choice.
    it gives more performance in Games

    and if you oc your Gpu you'll get greak performance
    and 5750 runs cooler and requires less power
  5. os doesnt matter

    the card works in all DX
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