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We just finished building a new computer.When we power it up it goes into the bios but shuts down after 10 sec.I have tried various things but same thing.Every part is new,and I am at a loss now.Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks
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  1. Read through & complete all items in this sticky, which will provide the required troubleshooting tips.
  2. Thankyou;
    I will check it out and let you know the results.
  3. One thing to check, clear the cmos. Sometimes those might come in the open position and cause weirdness.
  4. Hello;

    I am trying to do a bench test by adding one component at a time.Once I get that done and I find that it still shuts down then I will clear cmos and go from there. Thankyou for the suggestion. :hello:
  5. No problem. Those small issues can be irritating I know.
  6. Hello;
    I remove all the items on the board,then I hooked up the power supply,then added a video card and installed the hard drive,and one stick of ram.I also tried another different stick,same thing.When I cleared the cmos as someone suggested,nothing comes up now on the monitor.Once powered up it runs for 5-10 secs and shuts down.The long beep I was getting is now gone.Anyone know why nothing comes up on the monitor now.Bios would come up until I cleared cmos now nothing.The board is not in the case as yet,just on my bench.Would a power supply that is 650 watts cause this problem?Also,would the battery on the board create some problems? Thanks in advance,it is great that there are people out there that are willing to help.
    Thanks Again
  7. One long beep? Reseat the video card and reseat the memory. Clear the cmos again, and attempt to restart it. Usually you can just pull the battery and leave it out a few seconds, the replace it. However, on many boards there is a jumper you can use too.
  8. I did the cmos thing,started it up and no more shutdown or beeps.I have now installed all the hardware I will be using.I booted it back up and low and behold it DID NOT SHUTDOWN.....yessssssss...AND DONT ASK ME WHAT i DID.When I started to set the parimeters not a problem.It then ask me to insert disc.Now I assumed they were referring to the OS cd.When I did I got this message on screen; line 21168 Inf\i386\txtsetup.sif Invalid.
    Would some one explain that to me. please?
    Thanks Again
  9. Hmm, weird. Can you boot with one stick of ram and see if you get the same error?
  10. Hello;
    Thankyou for getting back to me.I believe I might have it licked.Once I install the new bios for this board it should work,hopefully.
    Thanks to all who replied to my questions.Ya all have been a great help.
    Take care to all.
  11. Hopefully that works out, sometimes those new bios updates can do more harm than good, just so you know. Also, may want to check with your manufacturer to be sure that you won't be voiding any warranties or anything like that.
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