SSD massive performance dip

Hi all

I get a massive dip in performance as you should be able to see in Sandra. Every day it seems to get worse. When i first set it up a few days ago i was getting the massive performance dip but the average 460MB/s. Now it has dropped down to 416MB/s

I have tried all the SSD tweaks but nothing seems to improve performance.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Secure Erase the Agility 3 to restore it to fresh-out-of-the-box condition and then re-test to see if you're still getting those massive dips in performance.

    Also, is the drive on the latest firmware version 2.22?
  2. Thanks Dereck47, its the latest version i recently purchased from Amazon a couple of days ago. Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and had no problems what so ever.
    Its my first SSD and I have noticed what a life changer it is compared to Spinners but concerned about the massive dip in and what seems to be a degrade in performance.
  3. Agility 3 SSDs are benchmarked with ATTO & AS-SSD software.
    I would use those two to determine if there is really any problems with your drive.
  4. One thing I wanted to mention - don't do benchmarks on the SSD too often. It can degrade the SSD.

    Continue on!
  5. ok many thanks
  6. Evening

    I did a secure erase of the drive with Partmagic and a fresh install of windows 7 with the latest intel chipset drivers and Rapid Storage Tech.

    Still getting the same performance dip.

    I have benchmarked with AS-SSD.

    Doesn't seem like the performance I should be getting from a 500MB/s read and write SSD
  7. Advertised speeds for your drive with AS-SSD (incompressible data) are "up to" 195MB/s Read and 130MB/s Write.

    Your benchmark indicates you are getting 104% of advertised Reads and 133% of advertised Writes.

    If you are looking for the advertised 525MB/s Read and 500MB/s Write then you have to benchmark with ATTO (compressible data).

    Here’s the link for the spec sheet of your drive:
  8. what motherboard do you have? what sata port are you using?
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