Dual 2.5" HDD Enclosure Solution?


I am having trouble finding a HDD enclosure specific to my needs, what I am looking for is an enclosure that will fit two independant 2.5" HDD (not raid). The two drives should still use separate connectors for each drive. The reason for this is that I don't want to have to carry around a power adapter for my hard drives. The unit must also be USB 3.0 compatible.

HDD Enclosure
Fits two seperate USB 3.0 drives
No Power Adapter
Seperate Connectors for each drive.

I havent been able to find this anywhere and starting to think it doesnt exist... sadly my current solution is to just use two enclosures taped together...

Hope to hear some good news!
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  1. By adapter do you mean power strip? Or are you looking for one that is powered by USB?
  2. USB powered for sure
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