Maddog 550 watt modular psu dead for a long time

Hey guys,
Im throwing out/selling my old/broken pc components and I came across my old Maddog 550 watt modular power supply. I bought this back in July 2006 for $100 at bestbuy. At the time this power supply was absolutely amazing! For 2.5 years this incredible power supply was pulling a pc that didnt use more than 200watts rofl! So obviously it was fine. Then I switched it to a more demanding system but nothing much more. Specs of old 200watt pc:

Intel Celeron D 334
1gb ram
80gb hdd
no gpu only onboard
So as you can see nothing for 2.5 years then at the beginning of 2009 I switched it to my pc which was using a dynex 400watt power supply. New pc specs:

e5200 @ 3.8ghz
9600gso 384mb overclocked so high that it was faster than a medium overclocked 8800gt just so guys understand the power usage.
3gb ddr2
2 hdds

So i used it fine for half a year. Then I got a new hard drive. So I have the habit of not unplugging the system from the wall while working on it. So there i go removing the molex connector off one hard drive and a sata connector off the other to put the new hard drive in. I screw the new one in, replug everything. And BAMMMM! It doesnt turn on ever again! :cry: So my oh so faithful psu died bringing me to use the old dynex 400watt psu. So now 1 year later i find the ol' dusty bastard in the closet by my old dead 6800gt :lol: go figure its a graveyard for hardware! Ok so at the time the psu burned i did a psu jumper/hotwire test. the one where you use the metal paperclip into green and ground. I have been using this trick for a long time and i know what is supposed to happen. But nothing. nothing came out of my faithful psu. So I try again today and still nothing! has it seen the light? the light power supply land! argh! is it trash? or is there anything i can do to fix this beauty?

thanks in advance
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  1. if the paper clip test did not work, its time to give your old PSU a
  2. rofl ct1615, hahahahaha wtf do u watch! hahaha btw Every time i plug it in, the lights flash meaning something is happening! no1 can help? PLZ ANY1! Any1 know naything about psu repair? thanks
  3. im sure you can send it to a repair shop but it sounds like its out of warranty so the cost of getting a new PSU (with a new warranty) would have a similar price.

    P.S. stop buying best buy PSU. that dynex is best used as a door stop
  4. ct1615, ok well i guess its trash :cry: !! i dont own the dynex 400watt psu anymore, sold it with the computer it was in. Maddog went out of buisness so warranty is not an option. anyways i ripped the seal while opening it to see if anything was burned, and no nothing was burned. Thanks again ct1615 :( bye bye to my favorite psu.


    btw everyone hates the dynex 400watt even though its very very good. It was one of the best 400watt power supplies ever made in my opinion.
  5. well its a sucky psu anyway so i wouldnt feel too sorry for it...but i understand u liked it and u thought it was a great psu but tbh you were ripped off. $100? for a cheap 500w psu? lol!
  6. and dynex...dont get me started :)
  7. um wow first off, its a 550watt psu. it costed $100 in 2006 rofl wow u guys dont read do ya...
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