I came home to a PC that started with (1) long beep and a short and no display. This signalled a bad video card. I swapped the card and all seemed well. My son called the next day and asked if it was OK to use the PC with the eroor, I said what error. When started the PC showed "THE SYSTEM HAS EXPERIENCED BOOT FAIL DUE TO O.C.". As you can see from my specs this is a AMD 550Be all 4 cores unlocked OC'd to a modest 3400. It has been running fine since I built it about 6 months ago. Research indicated that this error could be memory, MB or HD. I have determined it is the HD. Sripped the PC to minimum requirements (1 stick of mem., video card (known good) ) and got no error. Installed everything individually and when I hooked up the HD, got the error. I could have the power for the HD hooked up with no issue but as soon as I connected the SATA cable I got the error. Swapped cables and ports, same error. Swapped HD and no error, so it looks like I have a bad video card and HD. The question is.....what would cause both of these pieces of hardware to fail at the same time? I am thinking a power hit but I was not home to witness one? Any ideas? THnaks

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  1. Have you tried clearing the CMOS memory? Clear the CMOS memory properly by using the jumper on the motherboard as described by the motherboard manual with the power disconnected.
  2. What is the CPU voltage set at? Sometimes, too low a voltage will cause crash problems, including blue screens. When you adjust this in the BIOS, do not exceed manufacturer's limits. Same applies to RAM voltage and speed.
  3. All values were reset to stock and had issues. Last night I removed the cmos battery overnight and now it will not post at all to bios, all I get is a single beep and the video card info, this is a loop just keep happening?
  4. That's a good step. Now try re-seating the RAM. Uninstall and re-install the RAM. Try booting. If problems still persist, test the RAM using memtest, one stick at a time (in slot 1).
  5. Clearing the CMOS memory by pulling the battery out overnight does not necessarily clear the CMOS memory, although at may corrupt the CMOS memory; the memory can retain its information for days without a battery. Reset the CMOS memory correctly by using the jumper on the motherboard.
  6. Set back to 2 cores on cpu! unlocked cores could be at fault here!
  7. Thanks for the input, as I said, the PC is set to original specs, 2 cores 3100. I have reset cmos with jumpers and by removing battery same results. Let me give a little more info as this is looking like a MB issue to me. I build (2) systems 6 months ago virtually the same specs. The issue PC is the Kitchen PC. The GPU from this PC is definately shot, I put it into the known good PC (basement) and no good. I replaced the GPU in the kitchen PC with a known good old VGA card and thought the issue was resolved. The PC will boot but with the THE SYSTEM HAS EXPERIENCED BOOT FAIL DUE TO O.C.". error. I can simply hit eneter and W7 will load. I ran Memtest and P95, no issues. Now here is the kicker, this error happens when I have 2 sticks of memory installed no matter what SATA port my HD is attached to. If I only install 1 stick of memory I get the error if my HD is attached to SATA ports 0-1-2-3 on the MB but I get no error if the HD is attached to ports 4 or 5. Bad memory you would think but I swap the memory from the basement PC and same issue. I also swapped PSUs same issue. I am leaning toward MB because something blew my GPU and now I have an issue when (2) known good memory sticks are installed and specific SATA ports work better than others. What do you think?
  8. THE SYSTEM HAS EXPERIENCED BOOT FAIL DUE TO O.C message is displayed by the BIOS if the BIOS experience’s an error when the POST tests are carried out. The BIOS will then normally reset the BIOS values to the default settings and proceeds to boot the computer. Have you checked the CMOS battery voltage? A low battery can cause this problem.
  9. Yes, swapped with a known good battery, thanks
  10. Just a head up, the GPU was bad as well as (1) stick of memory. Do not know why both went bad at the same time, only explanation I can think of is power issue, I am getting a UPS. Everything is almost back to normal, now my log in from BIOS to desktop is about 70 seconds whereas it used to be 20seconds, working on that.
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