Minor boot problem P8P67 Pro

Put in this board last night and have a couple of small issues.

Firstly, when booting, I get the ASUS splash screen for a couple of seconds, then...a HDD not detected. After that it foes back to the ASUS splash screen and boots normally into windows.

Second problem is while setting up the drivers on first boot, I have 3 unknown devices that window doesn't find drivers to install. However, I have no idea what they are or how to manually install. Device manager just says "Unknown Device" 3 times unnder the heading "Unknown Devices".

Beyond those issues, everything seems to work but havn't had much time to mess around with it.
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    The first issue (HDD not detected) involves the board's second SATA 6GB/s controller. I have the same board and saw the same message until I connected my storage drives after reloading Windows. This M/B has the onboard SATA3 controller from the Intel chipset plus a second add-on controller providing two additional ports (four total); the message is coming from the second SATA3 controller's BIOS. If you don't have drives you want to plug into this controller's ports you can probably disable it in the EFI BIOS.
  2. I probably should have mentioned what I had hooked up. I have my SATA 3gb HDD and my DVD RW on another 3gb port. The two 6gb ports are empty.
    I will try to disable them manually.
    I also realize I'm probably going to have to reinstall Vista after reformatting my HDD. I should do that before trying to chase ghosts and glitches.
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