Do I actually need what I'm about to buy?

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally getting more memory, but before I purchase some I'm wondering how much I actually need. I only have 1GB of ram right now (my system can hold 8GB). I'm considering getting 4GB (2x2GB sticks) so I could have 5GB for now and move up to 8GB later, but I don't know If I really need to move past 4GB or ram. I mainly do music, photo and video editing. I do play games, but all my games run smoothly right now. I do a lot of multi-tasking, but never enough to lock up my system....ok maybe once. I also transfer my vhs tapes to the computer so I can burn them to dvd and unfortunately I have to use Pinnacle Studio 12 to do this because my pinncale usb capture device won't work with other programs or should I say I haven't found anything else that works with it. This is the only program that runs slow, but I've had problems with it on every system I've owned. Do I really need more than 4GB or should I just go up to 3GB?

Here's my pc specs:

SupreMicro PDSMA+ Motherboard
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Service Pack 2 (32-Bit)
Intel Core2Quad Q6000 (2.4GHz, 8MB L2 cache)
Dell IN1910N 19'' Flat Panel Monitor
1GB DDR2 RAM (Expandable To 8GB)
80GB Western Digital Internal SATA Hard Drive
250GB Western Digital External Hard Drive
Sony AW-Q170A 18x Internal DVD±R/RW Drive
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 PCI Graphics Card
Envy24 Family Audio Controller WDM
Intel PRO/1000 PL Network Connection
Intel PRO/1000 PM Network Connection
5 USB Ports
5 PCI Slots
1 PCI-X Slot
1 PCI-e 8x Slot
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  1. get the 4gb, it will help tremendously. also im pretty sure that your motherboard supports dual channel memory so only use the 2 sticks of new ram that you purchase this, make sure that you install them on the motherboard in the correct slots for dual unganged use.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Yes my motherboard does support dual channel memory. I will do that today when I get the memory. Thanks for your help.
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