New case, new motherboard, new processor, but HIGHER temperature?

I just upgraded from a tiny Dell Dimension 4700 case to a large mid tower case. The differences in hardware is a new motherboard and new CPU.

The CPU is 4 cores from the 1 I had before and the motherboard is a heck of a monster. However, for some reason, my GPU (Radeon 4850) temperatures are at 90 degrees Fahrenheit on 100% FAN SPEED!

I used to have around 60 degrees or 70 degrees on my Dell Dimension running a Pentium 4, but now this motherboard is frying this thing!
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  1. You should have an aftermarket CPU heatsink and fan, and at least 4 120mm case fans: 2 front intake, and 2 rear/top exhaust. Manage your cables to optimize your airflow: move the excess cables/wires to the bottom of the case, or between the back of the motherboard and the side of the case.
  2. Like the post before, make sure you have enough fans for cooling. My current setup is a quad core with a beast of a motherboard and graphics card. I have 2 fans on the case and the CPU and GPU both have there own fans. The case has mesh at the front and lots of side inlets. I have found that this works perfectly even under stress but if you want to overclock, you may want more/better fans.

    Particularly in your case, the fans may not actually be running at the speed whatever program you used says.

    Also like the post above, tie some cables up to improve airflow.
  3. I have about 4 small 80mm fans, a fan on the GPU running at 100%, a fan on top of the CPU, and a fan in the back of the PSU.

    7 fans, and my GPU Temperature is still 100+ degrees while gaming. The motherboard is fine (50 celsius) but its the GPU that's the issue.
  4. See if you can install 120mm fans in place of the 80mms. The 120mms give you 3-4 times the airflow and less noise - think back to your high school geometry days.
  5. For future reference, I don't know why but it seems changing the PCI-E slot the graphics card was in made a 20 degree difference....I still don't know why.
  6. That's great. If you moved it to a slot further away from the CPU, that would have helped the temps. But, we wouldn't have recommended that without knowing if you had another PCIex16 slot, and we did not know what motherboard you are using.
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