My hp a6552f, grapic card noise problem!!

Hello,my grapic card is having some issues, my nvidia GeForce 9500GS is making some messed up noises, and its messed, what do i do? doo i clean it??? HELP!!
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  1. Is there a lot of dust on the card? Try cleaning the dust off the card. What does the "messed up noises" sound like? Is the fan on your card working properly?
  2. umm its a buzzing, and hummingand it can get loud, umm imma try and clean it :)
  3. I have the same system with the same card, my card was acting up 3 months after i bought my pc so i had to call and use my warranty they shipped me a new one and i returned the old card, apparently it was a defect with these cards was the fan was going
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