Need advise on a PSU for my new system


This is my first post. I can usually handle most of my own questions, however this time I figured I would ask the community their thoughts.

I am building a new gaming system and need some input when it comes to PSU's. Here are the specs of hardware I currently I have purchased and they are dying to be brought together.

Asus Rampage III Extreme Republic of Gamers Edition system board

Intel Core i7 3.2 Bloomfield 8MB L3 cache (wanted extreme but my wallet wasn't big enough)

12GB of Corsair Dominator DDR3 12800 trichannel 1600Mhz 1.65V ver3.1 (CMP6GX3M3A1600C8)
Corsair RAM cooler in use across both sets of memory.

Asus Matrix 5870/2DIS Radeon HD 5870 2GB DDR5 (2 cards running in CrossFireX)

CoolIT Systems ECO-R ECO A.L.C CPU Cooler

Hitachi 1TB and a 2nd Hitachi 2TB drive

CD/DVD writer

Case - Cooler master HAF 932
3x230mm fans
2x120mm fans Added for CPU cooler
1x140mm fan
1x dual fan corsair RAM Cooler

Now the question starts. The video cards alone suck 165Watts Idle and around 385Watts under load. So in crossfire I am looking at or around 330Watts at idle for the two cards and heaven forbid 770Watts under load.

Now you see my dilemma I am wondering what PSU will run this power hungry rig. Should I be looking for a single PSU or start looking at using a second PSU since the HAF 932 has room?

I am open to any suggestions that the Tom's hardware community can offer. As I am hoping to start the bild of this rig in the next week I hope to have some input as to which single PSU I should use or if I should be looking at a dual PSU setup.

I do realize that this system that some people may think this rig is overkill some friends are saying what the reason for all this system.. I say if the hardware is avaiable build it. :)

Thanks in advance everyone!

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  1. The 165 and 385 numbers are for the complete system at the wall, the card actually uses less than 20W at idle and about 190W under load. A good 750W unit is fine for 2 5870s in CF, something like the TP-750 or corsair 750TX will power your system just fine.
  2. As pointed out, the 5870 doesn't use 300W+ at load. The 5970 might, but the 5870 doesn't come close. I to would go for a 750W quality PSU. Corsair, Seasonic, Antec if they have one other then the signature series, etc. (you can get the signature series PSU if you want, but its not really worth that much money.) Any of these PSUs should be able to handle two 5870s and an i7.
  3. Thanks and my apologizes on the bad power consumption numbers. Was doing some late reading the other night on the reviews for the Matrix 5870. I was thinking a 800 - 1000 Watt would do the trick in the beginning. I was looking at a deal on a SilverStone ST1200 Modular and the Kingwin ABT-1000MA1S Mach1. I have a local Tigerdirect/compusa store here and they have a great great great deal on both of these. I realize they are both above the 750 that was proposed I just figured if the price is that good compared to retail/internet price I can't pass it up.

    Any thoughts on the Silverstone ST1200 and the Kingwin ABT1000MA1S?
    Just wanna make sure I get the right PSU for the rig. Trying to stay in the line I have stayed and get the best bang for what I have spent.

    Thanks again for your patience and aid in this.
  4. I don't about the ST1200, but the Kingwin has got good reviews. Its not the best PSU out there, but its not a bad one.

    A 1kW will work fine. Should have tons of power.
  5. As other people has said, 750W is more than enough for you. Anyway, if you can get those two huge PSUs at good price, go ahead. Both are quality units. The PSU from Kingwin has been made by SuperFlower and the unit from Silverstones has been made by Enhance Electronics. All that said, if I were you, I would go for the SILVERSTONE Strider ST1200. It presents a better noise/ripple supression.
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