Newegg Deactivated P8P67 Deluxe

Any ideas why, so soon after its release, has has this mobo listed as deactivated, rather than only out of stock? Is there some problem with the mobo?
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  1. When Newegg list an item as Deactivited, it typically means they are out of stock and have no idea when they will get more when it is a newer item. It seems ASUS is having issues meeting production needs. You can pick it up at TigerDirect:
  2. I think the reason is cause the EVO and WS just went up for sale. So they deactivated it to get the sales up on the EVO and WS. Seeing how everyone else still has it in stock, and seeing how closely newegg is working with ASUS with all the videos on youtube. It was probably planned that way.
  3. If that's the case then I'm glad I bought mine last week. I'll get it tomorrow can't wait.
  4. My Case Showed up today, so I'm (hopefully) buying the P8P67 deluxe and a 2600K this friday. If I can find one somewhere on friday... :sarcastic:
  5. Psh.. i got the Deluxe version! and tbh it owns! ;) so... GO GO GO GET IT!
  6. Quote:
    There is no delivery of UPS and Fedex tomorrow. Federal holiday :lol:

    just checked online and it says it's coming

    Wichita, KS, United States 01/17/2011 5:37 A.M. Out For Delivery
  7. I asked Newegg about this and here's their reply

    "We apologize for any inconvenience. We show this item has been deactivated. An item is deactivated when we run out of stock and we do not have plans to carry the product again in the immediate future. This does not always mean that an item is gone for good, but it does mean that we probably will not receive more for a while, if ever. Please check all prices and availability at for our most up-to-date status."
  8. It was deactivated because Intel did a recall on the P67 chip. There's a problem with the 3Gb sata ports. The 6Gb's can be used with no problems though.

    I found out that little bit of info out the day bfore mine arrived (my luck) but they're going to swap it out when a replacement chipset is out in April.
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