Will Zalman fit Asus Essentio?

will the Zalman CNPS 9900A CPU cooler fit my ASUS Essentio CG5275-AR003 motherboard with LGA1156 socket???
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  1. The CNPS 9900A is a pretty big cooler, it might not have enough clearance in the case. It should mount properly on the motherboard if it has a LGA 1156 installation kit provided, however, it's impossible to tell whether it will fit or not if we don't have any pictures of the motherboard. Could you take one and post it here?
  2. Well this site wont let me upload the pics onto the reply....so idk what 2 do about that....

    But, Im also using an Antec 902 case so space really shouldnt be a problem as far as ive heard from others installing the new cooler on an Antec...
  3. You can upload pics.
  4. mind telling me how?, i tried from the URL but didnt work
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