Smoking Computer - A Mystery!

On Friday, I put together a brand new build (not my first--I've done this many times over the years) and made a system almost identical to the March $1,500 Marathon build posted here on Tom's Hardware (,2582.html). It went off without a hitch--everything worked perfectly. However, the next day I took a nap and awoke to my wife's scream and ran into the next room and my machine (while idling) was giving off acrid-smelling white smoke. I leaped to the machine and instantly pulled the plug. After a thorough exam of every component, I couldn't find a single thing melted or burned. So I tried booting the system, and it worked perfectly. The only exception that I found is that while I set up the system in Crossfire mode, with two 4850s, one of the 4850s would do some very strange things if it was left as the only card in the system (would boot up but the resolution would be off, drivers wouldn't function, and the mouse wouldn't even function).

I have since removed the (apparently?) broken card, but now I'm suspicious that the burning smell may have come from the brand new Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W power supply. I noticed today while sniffing around that the back of the PSU smelled especially acrid/smoky.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? From what I read, when most machines burn up they never boot again. But from what I can tell, everything seems to be fine. Could a wire have overheated inside the PSU somewhere and I just can't see it? Thanks for your help!
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  1. New parts often smell but that smoke, I don't know. I see some costumers had to RMA that PSU because it died.

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  2. Problem with Corsair? I have never had it before, but this is interesting.
    Defect PSUs are usually to see even since the first power up or after 1 year.
    The one going bananas after only several hours or days, not directly during first power up...this is really interesting...
    I am glad I have never experience something like that.

    It is time to claim the warranty.
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