How to make a TV Tuner display a console?

I've got a Vixs PureTV-U I got off a friend. It was packaged with some HP desktops, but haven't been able to find much info on it besides that. I got it working with my cable tv with no issues using Windows Media Center.

Now bare with me, this is my first experience with a TV tuner. I'm trying to get it working with my PS2, not much luck thus far. Its got an S video and R/L audio RCA's, plugged those in. I can't seem to find anywhere under the tv section of WMC. Is it even possible to get a console to display on my monitor with this tv tuner? Do I need a different program?
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  1. Does the TV card come with a dedicated TV viewing program? Have you tried first to display the PS2 output using that program?
  2. Like I said, I can't find much on the card. The guy I got it from used Windows Media Player for it, and nothing was preinstalled for it.

    Now I have the remote that goes with it, but it doesn't look like I can connect it to my computer. It uses a 3.5mm plug for the IR sensor. From what I've seen on a few HP pictures, it plugs into a special mini expansion slot by the motherboard (the one below the rear case can, with a two black and a red port)
    So yeah, looks like I'm out of luck there. Maybe I can find another remote that will work.
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