What a decent blueray burner to buy ?

yea for 2 months now i been kinda wonder what is a decent blueray burner to buy that is cheap but still good for its price. Another is what are the benefits to buying other then watching and burning the movies ?
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  1. That's pretty much it.

    Lite-on ($74.99)

    ASUS ($84.99)

    They are both OEM versions, so you'll need a SATA connector and SATA power connector.

    Both look the same except the power connector is wider

    SATA connector

    SATA power connector
  2. When choosing between the two burners, keep in mind that they are both actually the same burner. They are both manufactured by Lite-On. Other than watching and burning movies, they are good for storing copies of important files.
  3. I put in a lot of these:

    $65 after $20 MIR ..... ASUS Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE

    SATA cables shud be in ya MoBo box.
  4. Optical drives dont suffer from one manufacturer being better than another. Most are made internally by the same folks and just rebranded. Find something in your budget and buy it. pretty simple.
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