ATI 5870 vs Nvidia 480

Is the extra $100 for the 480 worth spending?
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  1. yes 480 is 15-20% more powerful in games
    buy it if you have a high resolution
  2. It performs a decent amount better than the 5870. But you better make sure you have some damn good airflow in your case, they run hot as hell.
  3. AFAIK, the GeForce GTX 480 performs and 10%-15% better than the HD 5870, although as the drivers improve, the performance of the GTX 480 should too. Also, the GTX 480 has PhysX, 3D Vision Surround (although it may require more than one card). However, the HD 5870 has higher overclocking headroom, produces less heat, has lower power consumption, ATi Eyefinity (3D Vision Surround without the 3D but I know it does not require another card in CFX). I'd personally get the HD 5870 though, I don't like hot and loud cards, lol.
  4. anybody who believes a 480/470 makes sense are in the same breed of fanboyism who believed the 3850/3870 made sense.

    a 480 is clearly a fanboy product.
  5. wh3resmycar said:
    anybody who believes a 480/470 makes sense are in the same breed of fanboyism who believed the 3850/3870 made sense.

    a 480 is clearly a fanboy product.

    maybe not quite as simple as that, but i agree for the most part.

    the 480 isn't that bad, but its not only more expensive but consumes ALOT of power, and puts out dangerous amounts of heat. the exposed metal (without a fan to help move the air) gets to 70c and over during gaming. this basically radiates heat to nearby components...

    if it were the same price as a 5870, i might be worth buying. since you get more power for the sake of more power/heat. but at the current pricing its jsut not a good deal.
  6. Personally, I would pick a 5870 over the 480. I don't like the idea of spending an extra 100 bucks for just 10-15% increase in performance plus the extra heat and noise. Anyway, at the end of the day, it would be your own preference that matters. If I would even decide on spending extra bucks, I would spend it on a dual-GPU card (5970) instead.
  7. Yup, i would choose a 5870 instead of 480. I don't want my card produce a lot of amount of heat and noise inside my case.
    Only 10-15% more performance for $100?
    Not worth at all... :)
  8. If you wanna but the 480 make sure your PSU can handle it.
    And you have good airflow in your case.

    Both cards are good. It depends on your preference. I prefer silent and less power consuming cards.
  9. the only thing i like about the 480 is CUDA. :sol:
  10. the thing i like about the 480 is tesselation performance :)
  11. The thing i like about the 480 is the stock heat sink :D
  12. shubham1401 said:
    The thing i like about the 480 is the stock heat sink :D

    They made this because they HAD to, not because they wanted to. How many reference headsinks do you know of that are monsters like this bad boy?

    If the 480 used as much power as the 5870, and produced the same amount of heat. The $100 would be worth it, the price will gradually come down anyways. However, the heat and power consumption make me nervous and sort of baffle me. If they refined this card alot more it would be a beast. I don't think they were ready for production. Plus if I get a GTX480. I want ALL 512 cores.
  13. ^ Agree with the cores. Unfortunately that was not the case for 480. To perform better, it uses more power which in turn produces more heat. But who knows, they might be able to do something about this. Anyway, they should address first the supply issues.
  14. You might not even find one even if you wanted to. So the 5870 is really the only choice.

    Also many retailers are ramping up the price $50 - $100 above MRSP, just how the 5970s are retailing at $700.

    If you didn't pre-order then the price difference between the 5870 and 480 may very well be $150-$200 or you simply can't get one.

    I can swallow the cost of a 480 no problem. I bought many expensive things. Now the noise and heat is something else. Once upon a time I thought it was a good idea to get a pair of ATI 850XT in crossfire. It was so loud the noise hunted me, kept me up at night too. I was forever changed and now run liquid cooling. Noise is a thing of the past so I overclock like crazy. The liquid cooling was so good at dumping heat. My room temperature shot up and I was sweating in my shorts/T-Shirt when gaming. Now I only run with efficient levels of overclock and moved my table next to the window XD.

    It is all about low power, low heat, and low noise. Which the GTX 480 has none of. The stock cooler is very very good, so im not sure manufacturers can top that. Even if they did top it, how much better would the cooler be? The only real option is liquid cooling but thats out of question for most people.
  15. wh3resmycar said:
    anybody who believes a 480/470 makes sense are in the same breed of fanboyism who believed the 3850/3870 made sense.

    a 480 is clearly a fanboy product.

    that's a bold statement considering the 3870 and 3850 were well priced.

    I completely disagree. Who can judge some1 for having diff needs? Let's not forget that the strongest setup is 480 gtx sli, leaving out tri sli which should be much more of a gain.

    470 is priced right considering it bounces from 5850 to 5870 back a fourth.

    480 is an enthusiast card, u don't buy it to save money. Just like u can't buy a Ferrari and say I'm saving.

    The 480 still has lots to show, soon we'll have after market coolers and diff company coolers and then make judgements.

    The fanboy statement was completely uncalled for and just plain wrong.


    before u make a statement maybe should hunk of those who don't have cf boards.


    5870 fir price/performance
    480 gtx for power.
    I personally think for the avg user the 5870 is the better choice. Both for cost a nd because u can actually find em:)
  16. To be honest if you don't have a Crossfire/SLI board. Your CPU would probably bottleneck the 480 anyway.
  17. I doubt it I mean bottlenecks are more common in multi gpu setups. I think 2 285s would be alot more bottlenecked than 1 480.

    Again I might be wrong but the 480 is around a 295 gtx sometimes more sometimes less, which is around 2 285s, which weren't bottlenecked for me when I had em on my q9450 @ 3.0 ghz
  18. Anyway, bottlenecks usually won't be noticed with recent machines unless you've ran a benchmark on it. :)
  19. and every new board is crossfire/sli cappable.
  20. Yes every "new" board lol not everyone has the new ones. Even I was about to skip the i7s. :)
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