Motherboard CPU suggestions (mini ITX)

Hello guys!

I'm in the process of putting together my somewhere new system and would like to here some advices. I currrently running maxed out SB75S shuttle and most of the parts will be reused. Basically I just want to change motherboard with processor and maybe add a better graphic card.

I would like to hear some suggestions for MoBo and cpu combinations, price range is about 200- 250$. It would be nice if it would have a dicent graphic card built in already. Computer will be used for running multiple applications like autocad, photoshop, web browser, M office. and in ocassions playing games such as COD, NFS and CS.

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  1. It's not really possible....Shuttle computers don't use a ITX motherboard, they use their own proprietary motherboard, so upgrading it isn't really an option. Given that it's a socket 478 from 2004, I would say just buy a new computer. It just isn't feasable to try to upgrade that.
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