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OK, from what i understand the 8800m GTX SLI config is a great config for gaming and this i understand, but i read that ther ATI HD5650m is a massively butchered desktop version of the 5650, and i also read that the ATI HD4350m is actually faster than the 5650m, any one with experience in this area also how would the 260m go against the previously mentioned chipsets?
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  1. 8800MGTX SLI is an old but good config but there are lots of better card now.
    HD 5650M is a good mid range card and it actually outperforms a HD 4350M which is a low-end card however GTX 260M performs better than a HD 5650M
  2. Where did you find that the ATI Mobility HD 4350 is faster than the ATI Mobility HD 5650? The ATI Mobility HD 5650 is on par with the Nvidia GT 250m or the ATI Mobility HD 4670. You need to do more research.

    The ATI Mobility HD 5650 has 400 shaders on a 128-bit memory bus width with a higher core speed & higher memory speed.

    The ATI Mobility HD 4350 has 80 shaders on a 64-bit memory bus width with a lower core speed & lower memory speed.
  3. Take a look at this:,2569-6.html
    Should give you a better idea of what you are looking at. The 5650m is equivalent to the GTX260M (96) whilethe GTX 260 (112) is up with the 5750/5770m. I would be looking for the 57xx or better mobile cards, but it depends on what you are really needing to do with it.
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