Molex Shortage = No boot up?

So I bought this new PSU. My old one had five 4-wire molex connectors which was perfect because I had to connect:
2 Hard drives
2 CD Drives
1 Video Card

The new one I bought only had 4. I didn't think this would be a problem. All I would do is just connect one of my CD Drives, as I really only need one. So both Hard Drives are connected, one of the CD Drives, and my video card. Computer starts...but doesn't go past the boot screen! It won't let me go to the Setup Menu (BIOS). It's just stuck.

I fiddled with the connections to make sure everything was connected right. Still nothing. I noticed that if I take a molex out of one of my hard drives, and plug it in to the other CD Drive, my computer goes past the boot menu, but tries to boot up a CD? Won't let me get past that...

Finally, I connect both CD Drives, and both Hard Drives, but no video card....and BAM! Computer starts up and is usable... But no video card!

I don't understand why it wouldn't start up because of the lack of 1 CD Drive...
Can any of those components listed above be connected in any other way?
Is there an option in the BIOS that lets me tell the computer I will only be using one CD Drive?

If anyone has any potential solutions, please send them over. Thanks!
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  1. Also, I know I can probably just get some kind of extender...for another molex... but I'd honestly rather not go through the old PSU allowed me to unplug one of my CD Drives and the computer would start up fine.

    If getting an extender is the only solution, can someone link me to a proper extender?
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    Did you pull the data cable? I'm assuming the CD drives are IDE. Rewire the CD drives so that the one getting power is the master, and undo all cables going to the other one.
  3. You can change the boot sequence by getting into the BIOS. I generally prefer the hard disk to be the first boot device, except for temporary brief periods of trouble shooting.
  4. Problem solved! I ended up taking the data cable out of one of my CD Drives. Connected my video card. It booted up fine with no problems!

    Thanks all :)
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  6. Glad you got it working.
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