Will a graphics card with pcie 2 0 lose any performance when plugged into a pcie

i am looking at buying an nvidia geforce 220 0r 240 GT or 9400 GT, my mother board has only pci express but these cards specify pci-express 2.0.
I know they will work with my connection but will there performance be reduced by connecting via pci-express instead of pcie 2.0.
If the performance is reduced i might aswell buy the cheapest?
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  1. A PCI Express 2.0 lane, IIRC, simply has double the bandwith of a PCI Express 1.1 lane. I doubt that either a GeForce 9400GT, GT 220 or GT 240 would use the bandwith of a PCI-e 1.1 16x lane, so, you would not find any performance loss - with those cards. I suggest you get a GeForce 9600GT instead of either of those cards.
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    if gtx480 loses 2% of performance when in a x8 2.0 (=x16 1.1), those cards won't lose anything
  3. An HD5870, a very fast card, runs identically at x8 mode in a x16 PCIe version 2 slot. So you could theoretically use up to an HD5870, however you couldn't purchase a fast enough CPU for a board that has no PCIe v2 slots.

    In fact, most graphics cards would soon be CPU-limited in such a system. For example, an HD4770 is a little more than an X2-4800+ AMD CPU can support and your CPU would be lucky to have a third of the processing power as that CPU.
  4. photonboy said:
    and your CPU would be lucky to have a third of the processing power as that CPU.
    ummm I dont think he has mentioned his cpu yet....
  5. i have a similar question.

    is my ga-g41m-es2l (micro mobo from gigabyte) pcie 2.0?
    if it isn't will i lose any performance with an 5850?

    with q9550
    1920x1080 moni
  6. Quote:
    you'll lose like 1%, you seriously can't notice that....

    how do you know? those benchs are all pcie 2.0
  7. x8 2.0 =x16 1.1(or 1.0), same bandwidth
  8. Kari said:
    x8 2.0 =x16 1.1(or 1.0), same bandwidth

    nice to know thnx.
  9. i run an xfx 4770 in a pci-e 1.1 slot and noticed little to no performance increases when we poped the card into my friends computer that had pci-e2.0. He even has a 955 BE and i run a 9150e
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