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I would like to run 3 monitors. Preferably span my gaming across 3 screens. If i can only do one that is fine. But whether or not i'm spanning how can I run 3 screens? Is display port my best option since my card has display port?
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  1. yeah, display port would be the easy choice for the 3rd monitor, but DP monitors tend to be a bit rare and expensive. You could use dvi monitor with an active DP-to-DVI converter, but those things cost like $100. Or you can use a passive DP-to-VGA adapter ($20, maybe less) if you're using lower than 1900x1200 resolutions and don't mind slightly blurrier picture on one screen
  2. You can add a second graphics card and attach your third monitor to it. If your game allows windowed mode, then you should be able to span all three screens. In that case your second graphics card needs to be a relatively strong one.

    If the third monitor is only used for static images like e-mail or performance monitors, then the second graphics card only needs to be of minimal capability.
  3. Using displayport with ATI's 58xx series cards is definitely your best bet, and intended for exactly what you are wanting to do. It does require that all 3 displays be the same size, but that is all.
  4. ^+1. Exactly what he said.

    Adding a second (maybe cheaper) card is really your best option. What card are you running now? (obviously a 5xxx series,)

    May I suggest getting a second of the same card you have. This will allow you the outputs of 4 DVIs +2DP. Since it sounds like you have 3 monitors already, you udon't want to buy a DP monitor. This option allows you to crossfire your cards for increased gaming peformance, and no crossfire when you need to use greater screen real estate. It also allows later the adding of a DP adapter to let you use crossfire with Eyefinity (which you most certainly will want unless you have a 5970)
  5. I have 2 xfx hd 5770's and I can't seem to configure it in CCC or windows display options. Also, I have tried to run crossfire on my Asus P5Q-e using these cards but I cant do it for the life of me. i don't see the option in CCC. I guess crossfire on this mobo runs at 8x. I don't even know what that means.
  6. What the 8x means is that with 2 cards it will run each at 8x lanes as opposed to 16x for one card. What version of CCC do you have?? to enable all the monitors, you go to Desktop and displays, and then you should see your monitors on the bottom, you can click enable on them. CrossfireX tab should be at the bottom of that drop down menu when you click Graphics at the main screen. Do you have your Crossfire cable connected between the two cards??
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