I am looking at building a computer. Here are the specs.

My question is if all the items I have listed are compatible, what other things I might have to get. What kind of case would you recommend? Will cooling be sufficient with the fans that are included in my build? Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Edit: I am looking to have windows 7 64 bit so I can make sufficient use of ram I believe. Eventually make use of crossfire to use two video cards however just looking for a good backbone gaming video card, ideas on the second video card would be useful. Also, unsure if my mobo supports two video cards so if somebody could confirm would appreciate. Also need to make sure to find two video cards that would work with the crossfirex dual video card system.

Yes I am looking at overclocking my rig, don't know much about it.. and won't go near it until my system is well underway of running, however I would like to have my cooling system able to comply with the overclock in the future. I also decided on gauche32's post to use the Antec 1200, seems like a good investment for future upgrades. Will be looking into the lowering of CAS for my ram choice.

As for my Hard drive choice, just looking for a kick ass hard drive that I can use for just gaming not holding music or any of the such, will remain very uncluttered and will have a secondary drive to use for other documents. Unsure of what the repercussions of speed this would have and how I would go about such a thing. Unsure of how rpms affect my overall performance so information would be nice, that and if you know of any good hard drives for my situation.

Any other information and criticism is ideal in my situation thanks.




Video Card
Need some help here.

Hard Drive
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  1. 1. 955BE
    2. No point pump good $$ into previous gen 700 series enthusiast class mobo when 890FX out
    3. Consider 870/890GX if either not CFing or fine with 8x/8x
    4. DDR3 1333 CL7 or 1600 CL 9 at a far far cheaper price point would do fine
    5. GPU link dead but i would hit a HD 5850
    6. For $190 on that mechanical HDD might as well hit an entry level SSD like this one for boot drive :P
  2. I think they want you to post in a format so they have a better idea of what you need / want to know.
    I will reply based on what you posted.

    CPU, the cpu most suggest is the 955 equal to what you put, because it is esentially the same. Otherwise it's fine.

    Mobo, are you overclocking? The way you phrased your post suggests you arent. If you are, reading up a bit on the cooling would be recommended. I.e. buying a better cpu fan, and making sure you choose a case with good cooling.

    Case most suggest for the price an Haf 922 or 932 / Antec 1200. Relatively cheap and higher end, good for whatever. You can go lower end, I am sure some will suggest for you.

    Memory, I don't know but I would think for that price you could find something with a lower CAS. Another reply will let you know, otherwise you may wish to look.

    Video, link busted. That is a link to a page full of random ones. Let us know what you're doing with the comp, and we can suggest.

    Hard drive. I am unsure about that HD. I havent seen SAS on a gamer type pc before. most recommend spinpoint f3's or WD caviar black or Seagate .12's.
  3. Quote:

    Socket AM3 will disappear next year, why spend that much more money on something that won't perform any better than 790FX?

    Unless I'm completely misreading this roadmap, AM3 is still going to be alive next year. At least for the enthusiast market.

  4. If you want to argue semantics, sure. A company can both produce new product and make it obsolete within the same year.

    However, if they're planning on releasing new chips for the enthusiast market in 2011, and there is no mention of a new socket (for that segment) on the roadmap, then I think we can guess that there won't be a new enthusiast chip/socket combo for 2011. 2012 is another matter entirely, of course. If you've seen a more recent roadmap, I'd love to see the link. That's the best my google-fu could turn up at the time.

    Based on AMD's past practices, it seems likely that any new socket will be at least somewhat backwards-compatible. And based on that roadmap (not a lot to go on, I'll admit), there is a planned upgrade path for current AM3 builds, for at least the next year. Anything beyond that is unknown right now.
  5. Quote:
    Argue semantics?? Dude, your own link says there will be a new socket next year. lol

    It really pays to read your own links.

    These new cpu's will have graphics and CANT be backwards compatible with AM3.

    I read the article. You'll note that I specifically was talking about just the enthusiast segment. Which, if you actually read the roadmap, indicates that it'll use socket AM3.

    In 2011 we get Bulldozer and it comes in the form of the Zambezi CPU (AMD’s codenames are such fun). You’ll see four and eight core versions of Zambezi. Both will support DDR3 and both will work in Socket-AM3. Obviously guaranteeing motherboard support this early in the game is difficult, but AMD is usually good about maintaining socket compatibility. You may be able to slip a Zambezi into your current day Socket-AM3 motherboards.

    TL: DR - I wasn't talking about Llano, I was talking about Zambezi.
  6. coldsleep and zipzoomflyhigh I would appreciate if you kept your conversation away from my thread so I can get my much needed help. Thanks fellas.
  7. Sorry about that.

    If you could post in the format found in The How to Ask for New Build Advice thread, it might provide a little more context and allow people to tailor their answers to your budget.

    For example, it's hard to recommend a video card if you haven't mentioned what your monitor resolution is, and how much you're willing to spend overall.
  8. Err if i were already *on* a 790FX ofcourse i wouldn't bother looking at 800 series unless i want to be raiding at least 2 SSDs - else for a brand new purchase no point shooting oneself in the foot once you want to take full advantage of next gen SATA/USB interfaces hehe In some reviews peeps are hailing 890FX as the finest enthusiast class for a reason - no its not that it's just a refresh of the 790FX - Native SATA 6GB/s support and USB 3.0 via NEC chip in some models have a lot to do with that ^^

    790 Vs. 890 SATA 6GB/s / USB 3 Performance

    When the 890GX launched back in March we looked at the performance of its USB3 and SATA 6GB/s components when compared to the previous generation. With the release of the 890FX the same controllers are still in place and the results below are therefore still relevant. Here, for those considering the upgrade from an older chipset, are the benefits of the new USB/SATA functionality.

    When testing SATA 6GB/s performance on a mechanical Seagate SATA3 2TB HD we are limited by the read/write speed of the drive itself which is similar to SATA 2 specifications for a 7200RPM model. Despite this in the synthetic Sisoft Sandra test we were able to see peak write improvements of nearly 10MB/s when connecting the drives to the SATA 6GB/s ports.

    When we connect an SSD to the same controller we see a similar increase in performance as the SATA 6GB/s manages to squeeze out a little more from the already excellent drive performance. Enabling RAID using a second SSD pushes the read speed over the SATA 2 limit with an average result of 336.28MB/s, peaking higher.
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