Adaptec 1200a raid controller

i was wondering if some one could help me with a win 7 driver for this card
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  1. Have you checked Adaptecs website?
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    There was no driver support for this card by Adaptec since XP.

    However, I found this:

    "The current Adaptec drivers do not work with Windows Vista. I have a 1200A RAID card also and have found that the Rocket 100 drivers from Highpoint work very well with Vista and this card (both cards use the same Highpoint chipset). You can get them from "

    Try the Vista drivers and see if they work in Windows7
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  4. thats the first place i check but no worries i got the driver
  5. Thx man once u told me that and pointed me towords a vista driver it all worked wonderful cuz vista drivers will some times work on 7 so thks so much its working great for me your the best :ouch:
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